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Possible Exit Codes

Various success or error states can be inferred from the process exit code.

Success states

Can be overridden

Some of those can be overridden with --override-success-code switch.

Code Description
200 The --install/--uninstall command finished successfully.
201 The self-updater process started successfully.
202 The installed product is up to date.
203 The update got installed successfully.
204 The user chose to postpone the update right now.
205 The user postponed the update and 24 hours since then haven't yet passed.

Error conditions

Code Description
100 Failed to parse command line arguments.
101 Failed to register autostart entry.
102 Failed to (re-)create scheduled task.
103 Failed to extract self-updater component.
104 Failed to request or process update server response.
105 Failed to detect installed product version.
106 The user is currently running a game or other full-screen applications.
107 The release download failed and the user aborted the update.
108 The setup launch failed and the user aborted the update.
109 The setup execution finished with a non-success exit code and the user aborted the update.