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About ScpToolkit

GitHub Discontinued

ScpToolkit (successor of "XInput Wrapper for DS3 and USB Dual DS2 Controller" a.k.a. ScpServer by Scarlet.Crush) was the defacto-standard tool in the early 2010s if you wanted to use your Sony DualShock 3 wired and wireless on a Microsoft Windows PC. It consisted of multiple .NET applications which took care about swapping the stock drivers of controllers and Bluetooth dongles with libusbK (later WinUSB) to directly take over communication. The inputs read from the controllers were then transformed and fed into ScpVBus (a WDM-based Xbox 360 Controller emulation driver) which made them available to a wide range of PC games.

SCP technically isn't a driver (although it shares many traits) but a huge C# program that closely mimicked what device drivers do.

It was in development from July 2015 to roughly June 2017 and got finally archived two years later in favour of focussing on successor solutions. Its direct successors are BthPS3 and DsHidMini.