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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a different question, how can I reach you folks?

Head over to the support page, we prefer Discord.

Can it hide mice, keyboards, touch- or trackpads?

Unfortunately not. Mouse and Keyboard inputs travel through different means and routes through Windows and HidHide's blocking mechanism can not interfere with those in the same fashion as it does with Joysticks and Gamepads.

A major redesign would be required to make this a reality, bear in mind that HidHide is a hobby project so the authors can not make any promises as many other tasks in life have priority. If any developer would be interested in this topic, contact us! 😄

Where can I download a Windows 7/8 setup?

Thanks to driver signing restrictions we lack the means and motivation to support anything below Windows 10/11 so these are the only OS editions we support.

Where can I download a 32-Bit or ARM64 (Mac, RasPi) version?

At this point we only provide a setup for Intel/AMD 64-Bit installations. Follow this issue for potential news about this topic.

How to fix 'This package can only be run from a bootstrapper' message?


Simply download and run the latest setup, go through the installation again and you're done.