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About DsHidMini

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DsHidMini is a universal driver for the dated yet beloved DualShock 3 Controllers used by the Sony PlayStation 3 (Navigation and Motion Controller support is planned). It's aimed to be a full, modern replacement of the discontinued ScpToolkit, feature-rich yet lightweight providing a wide range of compatibility with existing Games, Tools and Emulators. Developed for and compatible with latest Windows 10/11.

No Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 support

DsHidMini heavily depends on amazing libraries and frameworks provided by Microsoft, unfortunately those are not available on anything older than Windows 10/11. Upgrade now ✨

No fake/aftermarket/3rd-party/non-Sony Controller support

This solution was developed for the official Sony-designed and sold SIXAXIS/DualShock 3 controller hardware that was shipped with the consoles. Over time countless (cheaply designed and manufactured) copy-cats have been released, some with major compatibility issues with Windows that can't be addressed. So if you attempt to use DsHidMini with wannabe-PS3-Controllers and it doesn't work you're on your own, do not open issues regarding this, you will receive no help because we can't provide any. Refund the controller and get a genuine one (new-old-stock) or buy an Xbox controller ❤️


Join the cool-kids-gang and simply follow the installation instructions!

Development activity

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A few videos about various topics and progress reports over the development cycle of the project can be found below. Since videos can't be updated, always assume the written documentation is more up to date and favour that over the videos! You have been warned ❤️

2021-03-08 DsHidMini DS4 mode custom LED Demo

2021-03-08 DsHidMini SDF mode explained with PCSX2 v1.7.0

2021-02-27 DsHidMini Demo RPCS3

2021-02-10 DsHidMini USB LED Charging Animation

2020-03-18 DsHidMini Demo PCSX2 1.5.0

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