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Welcome to the download hub ❤️

Here you'll find quick-links to binaries for popular projects 👇

Production-ready releases

Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus Driver Setup Download GitHub All Releases
BthPS3 Bluetooth Drivers Setup Download GitHub All Releases
DsHidMini Driver Download GitHub All Releases
HidHide Setup Download GitHub All Releases

Mirrors & Archives

You can explore mirror copies or archived binaries on the file server, these are typically in "working conditions" but may no longer be maintained or have been superseded by other solutions. Use with care ✨

Buildbot Archive

Copies of build artifacts spit out by AppVeyor are mirrored on a separate file server since they get removed automatically from their infrastructure after a month. Drivers hosted there are unsigned (or test-signed) and therefore won't work on a non-developer-machine with the right preparations. Build artifacts are of interest typically only to developers or beta-testing folks, explore at your own risk 🦋