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A token of appreciation ❤️

I accept donations solely as a token of appreciation if my work has brought you joy. I do not offer any services in return for donations. If you wish to contract me to carry out specific work for financial reimbursement you can hire my skills through my company. B2B relationships most welcome! Contact vigem [_at] nefarius [dot_] at to talk business 😘

A vast majority of my work is available for free under permissive licenses, for both private individuals and enterprises alike. Maintaining this many popular projects requires time and skill and over the years a tremendous portion of my life has been dedicated to Free and Open Source Software. I usually work independent and without an "agenda" so if my chaotic creations have been useful to you consider supporting my path by tossing a coin or two 💖

Reoccurring subscriptions

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One-time donations

If you wanna "drive-by-contribute" and throw a few coins in the hat you can do so through:

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