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A word about controller compatibility


If your controller works, great! If it doesn't, well, life's not always fair 😜

An important statement from the author, I highly encourage the read 🙂

This set of drivers has been designed for and tested with the original Sony PlayStation 3 peripherals, better known by the names SIXAXIS, DualShock and Navigation controller. Over time many aftermarket and just blatant ripoff devices have appeared on the market, primarily aiming for compatibility with the original PlayStation 3 platform. It's even been observed, that official Sony gear can behave differently on platforms other than the PlayStation, most probably due to slight changes in both controller and PlayStation firmware.

While this project has been designed with highest compatibility towards cheaper and aftermarket devices in mind it is impossible to support them all with the same level of quality the legit hardware delivers. Some chips used by aftermarket/ripoff/fake controllers behave differently to variations in certain Bluetooth properties not always possible to influence on Windows, some are timing sensitive and fail if packets don't arrive exactly as engineered for the PlayStation 3. Some simply refuse to connect at all despite many other devices working flawlessly. That's just how it is and will most probably not change in the near future.

I encourage any user to test this solution with their hardware, yet keep in mind, that "my BlyatShock 3.5 from VeryLowPriceStore LLC. doesn't work" issue reports will be discarded without further comment. It is simply not my desire nor my job to fix other el cheapo manufacturers broken firmware. You can send me the hardware in question though for analysis, maybe one day I can be the proud owner of Bluetooth Classic sniffer equipment 😇 Or someone finds a way to soft-mod a PlayStation 3 so a packet capture of the Bluetooth host module becomes possible.