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Community and Support

Don't email developers for support requests

It's sad that it has to be addressed but please use the resources below to seek assistance, free support has to happen via public channels, thank you for understanding 🥰 Mails in violation of this simple request will be discarded without any further comment 👮

Struggling with some project and need help? We've got you covered! In addition to the articles on this site there's the possibility of human interaction 😉


Wanna have a quick chat? Be our guest on Discord! Various helpful people can be found here happy to chat. Do keep in mind that time zones are a thing so answers might come with a delay 😉 Read and respect the rules ❤️

GitHub Discussions


Most (every?) repository has Discussions enabled, browse existing topics and open your own if your search didn't bring up satisfying results ❤️

GitHub Issues

Please respect that the GitHub issue tracker of the individual repositories is a collaboration platform for mainly developers and advanced users; kindly don't use it to ask for help, use the channels mentioned above. Mods shall close non-relevant issues without further notice to keep discussions clean 👮